30 Day Gym Free Conditioning

30 Day Gym Free Conditioning


No Gym. No Problem.  This is a 30 Day Gym-Free Conditioning program designed for all levels of fitness.  Science driven programming using heart rate ranges and variable intensities each day with a strong focus on recovery.  Running is the foundation of the program, but each workout includes body weight strength as well as dynamic warm-ups, mobility and recovery.  We offer 3 levels of programming based on your current fitness and training level.  If you are unsure, select a lower level as it will be easier to add intensity to the program than scale back.

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This is a 4 week, 5-6 days a week, conditioning program that requires no equipment or gym.  While not required, a heart-rate monitor is strongly recommended.   Many of the workouts have target heart rate ranges, and being able to measure your resting HR, max HR and recovery levels with a monitor is the best way to get the most out of your workouts and this program.

  • Each workout is 45-90mins depending on the day and intensity level
  • Recovery focused with intensity and volume different each day
  • Simple exercises with no equipment needed.  Running is the foundation


We offer 3 levels of programming based on your current fitness level.

  • Level 1

    • Haven’t trained consistently for the last few months
    • Resting HR in the upper 60s or higher
    • New to fitness and training in general
  • Level 2

    • Usually train 3-5+ days a week
    • Resting HR in the upper 50s-lower 60s
    • 1+ year of training history
  • Level 3

    • Resting HR in the mid 50s or lower
    • Include conditioning at least 3-4 days per week
    • Run distances greater than 3-5 miles on a regular basis