Functional Range Conditioning


A system of mobility training based on scientific principals and research.

  • What are the outcomes of Functional Range Conditioning®?
    • Improved mobility & flexibility
    • Improved movement
    • Stronger and healthier joints
    • Improved balance and body control
    • Improved athletic performance
    • Decreased injury rates



  • Who is Functional Range Conditioning® For?

    Although Functional Range Conditioning® is now being utilized by the training staffs of several professional sports organizations and athletes, its principals have also been successfully implemented for the training and rehabilitation all populations including children, performers, general population, and the aging population.




  • What is a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms)?

    A person certified in the FRC® system receives a designation of FRCms, or a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist.  In order to acquire this title, they have undergone extensive training in the FRC® systems techniques and principles, as well passed a vigorous certification examination.

    There are several types of health professionals that have received their FRCms designation including both training and conditioning specialists, as well as various manual medical therapists.