We love climbing and truly believe that the best way to live a long, healthy, active life is by moving well and moving often.  We live by the motto: “Movement is Medicine” and what better way to embody that philosophy than climbing!


We change lives by getting our clients stronger, healthier and reduce their incidence of injuries, through science backed mobility training coupled with results driven functional strength training.


Weather you are a dedicated gym climber, training for outdoor projects, just want to climb for fun or are a seasoned competitor, Vertical Performance strength programs will help you achieve whatever goals you have.


Vertical Performance Training was founded by long time climber and functional strength coach David Conlon, CFSC, FRC, CCC and has built VPT on the 4 pillars of peak performance:

Functional Training

Movement Quality

Sport Specific Skills

Lifestyle & Nutrition

Consistent inputs, compounded over time = Tangible, long, lasting results

Utilizing functional strength training as a foundation, Vertical Performance takes a movement based approach to strength training and injury prevention.  We aim to empower, educate and inspire climbers of all levels to train for climbing, life and longevity in their climbing careers. 

Tired of climbing training programs focused too heavily on fingerboard workouts (yawn),and just mention in passing “…oh just lift some weights on your off-days” Vertical Performance was created to provide the climbing community high-quality instruction, programming and more importantly, results.

Too often I see training plans that are either:

  • non-specific for how to get strong in the gym

  • irresponsible in their exercise selection

  • don’t have any relation to you climbing goals or timeline (aka periodization)

Vertical Performance has you covered.  Utilizing a no-nonsense approach that has been successful for countless athletes across a variety of sports our programing, exercise selection, and progression/regression system promises to deliver results for any athlete of any experience level.

Functional Training is a bit of a buzzword these days.  But we really subscribe to the original meaning of the term as described by Michael Boyle:


What functional training really comes down to is the application of functional anatomy to training. It is taking what we know, and using that information to select exercises to reduce the incidence of injury and improve performance.


We believe what Grey Cook says, that to be your best you must “move well, and move often”. What this means is that movement quality is prioritized, and that there are very real movement and mobility prerequisites that must be met before you can perform certain exercises.  This all comes down to injury prevention and safe effective training.

Adding strength to dysfunction is a recipe for injury . What we mean is if a  joint that doesn’t have the requisite range of motion, or one doesn’t have the motor control for a specific movement pattern, adding load (weights) to that movement is just setting that athlete up for pain, or worse: injury.

You wouldn’t try to onsite a 5.12 trad crack climb if you have never, a) climbed 5.12 crack, or b) placed your own gear, right?  The same philosophy is true in the weight room!  If you don’t have the requisite ankle mobility, or thoracic spine mobility, you shouldn’t be getting under a heavy barbell and trying to squat! (You probably shouldn’t be barbell squatting anyways, but that’s another topic you can read about here)

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